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Fertility and Pregnancy Audio Messages!

Discover God's Plan for your Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond and how to apply it to your life!
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(*) Conception Prayer!
I'm always receiving requests from couples asking for prayer for healing of infertility, pregnancy health issues or for unborn babies. While I'd love to pray for everyone, time does not permit. Therefore, I have recorded a prayer that the Lord laid on my heart to help you.

You can also view this prayer on youtube:

God's Plan for Pregnancy
God's Plan for Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond!
AND How to Apply it to your Life!

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Only $15.95 4 x MP3 Bundle

1. God's Plan for Pregnancy
2. Created for Fruitfulness
3. Positively Pregnant
4. Childbirth without Fear
Note: Messages are also available individually below. This Series is also available on CD visit CD-DVD page for more information.
God's Plan for Pregnancy
Nerida shares her testimony on how she once had to face the harrowing possibility of never being able to have children, after it was discovered by doctors that it was medically impossible for her husband, Shaun, to ever father a child. Despite this crushing news, Nerida knew that with God nothing was impossible! Seeking refuge and solace in God’s word, she learnt how to place her trust completely in God and His word and the result was four children in four and a half years! Nerida also shares the steps that you can take to experience your own personal breakthrough in every area of childbearing.

Created For Fruitfulness!
Discover God's plan for Conception! Nerida shares the truth about God's Plan, purpose and will for the Conception of your children and how through the finished work of the Cross we can lay hold of everything we need to overcome infertility, miscarriage and to go forth and multiply! This message will bring hope, build faith and help you to cross the line from barrenness to fruitfulness in every area of your life!

Positively Pregnant
Nerida shares how pregnancy is meant to be a blessing and positive experience in every way. It is not meant to be fraught with fear, danger, adverse sympotms like morning sickness, or other sickness and disease, threatened with miscarriage or complications with the growth and development of your baby. You will discover how to prepare for your pregnancy and apply God's truth so that you can overcome any threat you might face and experience the fullness of God's blessings to receive the breakthrough you need to enjoy your pregnancy without any fear, sickness, or complication!

Childbirth Without Fear
God's plan and design for childbirth is not for it to be a fearful, traumatic, complicated or painful experience. In this message you will discover the truth in God's Word regarding His perfect creation, our redemption through Jesus by the Finished work of the Cross, and how to prepare for your birth by facing and overcoming fear so that you can experience childbirth the way God intended from the beginning!

More Fertility Messages
Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth

Primary and Secondary Infertility - What does God say?
This message answers the FAQ:
Is it God’s Will for me to have many children? Nerida reveals God's Plan throughout the Bible for children and how this applies to our lives today!

How to Prosper in your Pregnancy!
There are MANY complications that can occur in a pregnancy and there are also MANY foods and things that we are told to avoid while pregnant. This can make pregnancy a time of worry and fear rather than a time of joy. Discover how to experience pregnancy how God intended from the beginning!

How to REST in God's Plan for Your Pregnancy
Are you struggling to to Conceive? Or are you suffering with sickness or complications in your pregnancy? Or are you concerned about your upcoming birth? Discover how God Programmed REST in every area of Childbearing so that you can experience conception, pregnancy and childbirth the way God intended from the beginning!

God is into Increase not Decrease!
This message outlines how God wants each of us to prosper in the area of childbearing, and that He is not the one behind loss and lack in the fruit of the womb.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility - God's way
Discover your position in Christ and your authority as a believer so that you can see God's power released in your life to bring healing to your reproductive health so that you can experience Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond the way God intended from the beginning!

God's Living Word for Childbearing!
Discover how to see the literal Word of God become a 'Living Word' so you can see "what it says" outworking in your life in your Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond!

Hannah's Victory
The Story of Hannah will bring hope and answers to those suffering with infertility. This message will reveal God's Goodness, redemption and grace for mankind and and help you to cross the line from barrenness into fruitfulness in every area of your life!

God's Plan for Pregnancy Conference
2011, New Creation Church, Singapore

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Session 1 RESTored to Fruitfulness 
Nerida shares how you can experience conception, a healthy pregnancy and a blessed birth the way God intended from the beginning through resting in Jesus finished work.

Session 2 - Childbearing Redeemed
Discover God's plan of redemption for your conception, pregnancy and birth. Nerida shares some of her own  journey how through one powerful scripture she overcome miscarriage, sickness, and other complications to experience healthy pregnancies.
An exert from both of these messages are available to view on You Tube.
Click Here to view RESTored to Fruitfulness
Click Here to view Childbearing Redeemed

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Testimonies and Messages!

These messages are not meant to be used as steps, methods or formula's for success. They reveal what each individual did in their journey to receive a deeper understanding of God's Word. And how they then applied this to their circumstances to experience their breakthrough.
(*) Testimonies
Some of the testimonies shared at the end of 2009. Nerida shares Bron's and Isabelle's story, then Amanda, Isabelle & Chris, Michelle and Tricia personally share what God has done in their lives - healing, victory over miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis, conception after chemo and cancer and healing of a marriage!

(*) Overcoming Infertility by Leanne Brooke
Leanne shares her journey of overcoming PCOS, unbalanced hormones, threatened miscarriage and years of infertility. Leanne is now the mother of 4 miracle children!

(*) Victory Over Loss by Gillian Robson
In this message, Gillian Shares her testimony how she overcame the grief and sorrow after the loss of twins in the 2nd stage of pregnancy (after 7 years of infertility). Gillian not only overcame loss but also infertility and miscarriage. She is now a mother of 2 beautiful girls and walks in a spirit of victory.

(*) Testimony By Bronwyn Emmett
Bronwyn shares her journey through both primary and secondary infertility and how after Five consecutive miscarriages she discovered God’s grace, which then enabled her to conceive against all odds and carry her baby safely to term without any complications!

(*) Bronwyn Conception Testimony
Bronwyn first shared her Journey in 2005 on her conception journey and victory over 2 threatened miscarriages with her first 2 miracle children. Bronwyn also shares how she experienced a joyful, quick and blessed birth with her 2nd baby after being traumatised while giving birth to her first baby.

(*) Testimony By Sharon A
Sharon was healed from a tumour on her pituitary gland and from dermoid cysts. She is now a joyful mother of 3 beautiful boys.

(*) Conception Testimony by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares her journey through how she conceived her first child through IVF and then her 2nd child supernaturally - in spite of impossible circumstances.

(*) Overcoming Grief through The Word of God
Gillian shares how to walk by the Word of God over loss and grief. This is a very powerful message that will encourage anyone that has lost a loved one.

(*) Frame your World through Your Words by Gillian Robson
Gillian shares a brief message to encourage you how to change your world through your words.

(*) Endurance By Gillian Robson
Gillian shares how she learned how to fight the good fight of faith and not waver during her journey to conceiving her miracle babies. Discover what you can do in between discovering you can't have children, finding the truth in God's Word & then holding the baby in your arms.

(*) HEALING of Stage 4 cancer
Gillian shares her sons journey of how he experienced healing of stage 4 cancer.

More Messages
I pray these will encourage you in your Journey

(*) Nerida's Interview on Rhema FM - 2012
Nerida shares her testimony and on how New Life Ministries was birthed.

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