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A Year of New Beginnings and SUPERnatural Breakthrough!

NEW Do you have trouble with Faith & Grace?

Do you have trouble with Faith & Grace in regards to Fertility or Healing?
Many are so afraid of getting caught up in the works of the flesh and self effort that they don’t apply the works of faith. Now note that what we do doesn't earn from God, or move God BUT it moves us into what God has freely provided. So Faith doesn't earn but positions us to receive what God has ALREADY done by His Grace! To walk in victory it is also important to understand...

  • Jesus Finished work of the Cross
  • Your Position in the Kingdom
  • The unchanging nature and character of God

When you have a good understanding of these 3 areas then faith will no longer be an issue!

2 New Audio Messages

God's Plan for Pregnancy Audio Message

Grace and Fertility!
Recorded Saturday 27th April God's Plan for Pregnancy Encouragement Meeting

It is Finished Audio Message

Grace, Faith and Healing!
Recorded Church Service Sunday 12th May

Does God Break us?
There are many traditions and doctrines of men that attribute trials and suffering to God. So when something goes wrong in our life God usually gets the blame. But is this the truth? Does God break His own children or allow them to suffer? In this insightful message you will discover the truth in God's Word about our loving Heavenly Father and how only good and perfect gifts come from Him!

While many understand the concept of Grace, Rest and Jesus Finished work there is a lot of confusion on how to know when you are 'resting' and not 'doing'. Nerida shares and answers some of the most FAQ to help you to KNOW and EXPERIENCE REST for yourself!


A New Mind

1. The Mind of Christ.
2. Transformation of the Mind.
3. How to Receive Revelation Knowledge.
3 x MP3 for the price of 2!
Only $10
(Save $4.99)

Enjoy the Journey!
Sometimes when we're seeking a breakthrough we can wish our lives away BUT God wants you to enjoy life now! Life is such a precious gift and NOW is all we have. So discover how you can enjoy Life Now regardless of what you are going through!

How to Overcome Discouragement!
Do you struggle each month when your menstrual cycle begins? Or have you lost a baby and you don't know how to reconnect with God? Or are you struggling with doing everything in your own strength and not experiencing results?
Discover how you can overcome your natural struggles and discouragement and reconnect with God so that you can draw strength from Him to experience the breakthrough you need!

Redeemed from ALL Curses!
I meet many couples who are struggling in the area of infertility and miscarriage who have been told that they are under a curse and it needs to be broken off of their life. BUT what does God say? Discover the truth about Jesus finished work so you can be FRUITFUL in every area of your life - right NOW!

(*) More than Enough!
God is all-powerful, all-sufficient and all-bountiful, He is El-Shaddai! Discover how God's nature is not to bless you with "just enough" but with more than enough so you can experience His overflowing abundance in every area of your life.

(*) How to Stay Encouraged During the Holidays
My close friend, Bronwyn, my husband Shaun and I each share a brief message to help you to stay encouraged during the holiday season. I pray it will help strengthen and give you fresh hope for your future.

(*) Message for You!
Nerida shares a very candid and open message to encourage the couples on one of our on-line support groups. We felt to release this on the net so that other couples can be encouraged too.

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