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Finished work, Healing, Faith & Kingdom Living Messages!

Discover how to Transform your Life through the Finished work of the Cross!
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Transforming your Life through the Finished work of the Cross

Note: MP3 Messages can be purchased individually for $4.99.
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1. Only Believe - The Simplicity of Faith
2. How to overcome your Past
3. Healing - Already Yours
4. Taking Back What's Mine!

For descriptions of each message see below.
ONLY BELIEVE - The Simplicity of Faith!
Nerida shares what it means to "only believe'. You will discover the Simplicity of what faith is and how you can see God's power released in your life.

How to Overcome your Past
Is your past ruining your future? Discover how to walk in victory over guilt, shame and condemnation and over your past once and for all! This message also outlines how to see God's power released to heal your emotions as well as your physical body. Many testimonies have been received as a result of this message!

Healing - ALREADY yours!
The price has already been paid and the victory has already been won for you! Nerida exposes some of the untruths and misconceptions on healing through revealing Jesus finished work for our lives today.

Taking Back What's Mine!
Nerida reveals how Jesus redeemed us from everything we face in this fallen world so that we can now walk in victory in every area. You will discover how to take back your health, fruitfulness, peace, joy, finances and relationships etc to see God's love, life and power released in your life!

How to REST in Jesus Finished Work
Recent Recordings

How to let go and let God
We've all heard this BUT how do we put it into practice? Discover how to give up the struggle in trying to fight for your breakthrough to see God's power released to transform the situation!

How to Receive from the Father
Through this message you will learn how to commune with the Father to experience the breakthrough you need and also how to prosper in your soul (your mind, will, feelings and emotions) to see God's healing power released in your life.

(*) RESToration Because of God's Favour!
Nerida shares how you can experience RESToration in every area of your life because of God's favour.

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How to Walk by Faith
How Faith Works!
Do you feel like you lack faith and are struggling in what you are doing to experience the breakthrough you need? Discover the simplicity of what faith is and how faith works to connect with Jesus to see the supernatural flowing in your life!

Faith is NOT work but REST
Are you struggling to experience your breakthrough? Do you feel like you don't have enough faith to believe for what you need? Discover the simplicity of what faith is and how it is not a work but a rest. 

How to Walk by Faith NOT by Facts
For many the real problem is not their diagnosis or natural facts but rather how they see their circumstances. Nerida shares how to look past the natural facts to connect with God's truth to see God's healing power released to transform the situation.

Stepping Out in Faith?
Is Faith meant to be a blind step in the unknown? Nerida Shares on how real faith has a tangible, firm and solid foundation that enables you to lay hold of the Promises of God.

How to Receive your Breakthrough by Faith
Nerida shares the simplicity of what Faith is and how it works so that you can experience breakthrough in every area of your life.

Prayer is Faith that Speaks
Discover the simplicity of prayer and how prayer does not move God but moves you into experiencing what God has ALREADY freely provided for you!

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How to Experience Healing!
Your Authority over Sickness and Disease
Discover Your Position and Authority as a child of God and how you ALREADY have authority over ALL sickness and disease!

How to Experience & Minister Healing
Nerida continues sharing on our Authority over sickness and disease from a Post Cross perspective and then shares some of the practical ways that you can experience and also minister healing to others.

The Lord our Healer
God is not the one behind sickness or disease. He is the one who came as Jesus and disarmed sin, sickness, disease, the devil and all his works. Nerida shares how this truth relates to you as a New Covenant believer and how to walk it out in your daily life.

The Type of the Brazen Serpent
Nerida shares how this Old Testament account is a Type of Jesus and the work He did on the cross. You will not view your sickness the same way again! Many have received revelation on the finished work of the cross through this message.

Truth about Paul's Thorn
Learn how to rightly divide God's Word to discover the truth about what Paul's Thorn was and what God meant when He said "my grace is sufficient for you".

Suffering and the Believer
Rightly Dividing Scripture to reveal God's truths for you today!

Coming Soon
Not my will but Yours be Done
Discover what Jesus meant when He said to the Father, "Not my will, but yours be done". You will also discover how you CAN KNOW God's will for your life today

Take up Your Cross
Discover the truth of what Jesus meant when he said to deny yourself, take up your Cross and follow Him. I pray this simple truth will make you free!

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Overcoming the Battles of the Mind!
How to Overcome Anxiety and Depression
Discover real spiritual answers on how to walk in victory over anxiety or depression. Nerida also shares her testimony on how the Lord showed her how to walk in victory over these areas once and for all!

How to overcome Fear
Everyone can struggle with fear, worry or anxiety at some point in their life. This can especially be so in childbearing as there are so many fears and worries that we can face in this area, whether it's regarding conception, the threat of miscarriage, morning sickness, the growth and development of our baby or even childbirth. In this message you will discover how to walk in victory over ALL fear, worry and anxiety, once and for all, not only in childbearing but in every area of our lives, no matter what shape or form it manifests in.

The Mind of Christ
Learn the difference between your natural mind and the mind of the indwelling Spirit and how to become single minded so you can draw from God's Kingdom and receive the wisdom, knowledge and revelation you need to be victorious in every area of your life.

Transformation of the Mind
Learn the importance of how to transform your thinking, feelings and emotions so that God's truth and power can change your perspective and outlook on life so that you can walk by the spirit and not by the natural realm.

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Kingdom Living
God's Kingdom HAS Come!
Have you been praying and asking for God's Kingdom to come and invade earth Then discover the truth that God's Kingdom has ALEADY come and that Kingdom complete with God's rule, authority and power is IN YOU When you know the truth, that truth will set you free

Know Your Dominion, Power, & Authority & How to use it!
Learn who you are in Christ, where you are seated, and what belongs to you as a child of God. Nerida shares how to use that authority in regards to healing, infertility & Pregnancy issues and in your day-to-day life!

How the Kingdom Works
How to See God's Word come to pass in your life. Nerida Walker shares how the Kingdom of God works through God's Word and the simplicity of how you can see it outworking in your life.

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